SWELTRAC (South West London Transport Conference) is a transport partnership formed by eight London boroughs and based at Richmond Borough Council. They commissioned us to rebrand SWELTRAC, helping explain exactly what they did and improve the public’s understanding of their role.

We got to understand their organisation, their goals and what their aims were for the rebrand. Once clarified, we looked to explain their purpose in three words and produce an attractive and outgoing brand around this. We presented four different concepts, with our ‘Uniting London’s Transport’ concept selected for the company’s new vision.

The winning concept demonstrates that SWELTRAC is a unifying force in the transport sector, as well as clarifying what they do and what they stand for, which was crucial in terms of getting the public to engage with their work.

Using of bright colours in the logo and branding, plus modern, eye-catching shapes that fit together like a puzzle, we created an easily recognisable identity that clearly conveys what they do.


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