International Petroleum Products

International Petroleum Products

International Petroleum Products (IPP) are a UK-based manufacturer with a range of building products sold across Europe.

Due to our strong ongoing relationship with IPP, we were asked to explore options for updating the corporate brand with a view to making some major changes. After discussing the aims and potential benefits of such a branding exercise, we tested some very minor changes to the current logo. As a result, it was concluded that the brand could be refreshed with just some minor tweaks, therefore avoiding a costly major rebrand.

At Rubber Duckiee, we always offer the most relevant expert advice, regardless of how much the potential to earn is for us; our work with IPP is a great example of how rebranding doesn’t always need to be an expensive or drawn-out process. With the most effective approach defined early on, in this instance we were not only able to save a long-standing client a lot of money, but also deliver a high-quality end result that they were exceptionally happy with.

ClientInternational Petroleum Products

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