Greater Manchester Youth Federation

Greater Manchester Youth Federation

The Greater Manchester Youth Federation has a fantastic history, stretching back over 100 years, of supporting young people. Over the course of 2021 we worked with them to develop a whole new brand that would successfully set them up for the next 100 years.

Formerly known as Boys and Girls Clubs Greater Manchester they were on the look out for a new name that would be inclusive and reflect the area in which they operate – this led to the choice of Greater Manchester Youth Federation.

We then worked with them to develop a new brand – they had previously had a light purple as their key colour and a quite detailed logo featuring an upstanding lion. It was vital that the new brand marked a break with the past – to make it fresh and modern – without losing their sense of identity and purpose. To this end we developed a colourful brand using a splash incorporating pink, purple, yellow and green, which would help them stand out and refreshed their logo, simplifying and sharpening it up without losing the lion. The lion and shield logo represent activity and safety, key themes for the GMYF.

New materials were then produced once the brand had been developed – templates for a letterhead, for PowerPoint and business cards as well as a new website.

The new website serves as a resource for young people and their families searching for activities in their local area and clubs to join while also acting as a resource for the member clubs who have access to a private portal where they can access a Document Library and communicate via a messaging board.

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