On why we need to be more like Estonia!

One year on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic many of us who might previously have been reluctant to try out new digital technologies are now accomplished Zoomers, Teams masters and Slack supremos. Much of the technology that has kept us connected and working Read more

Male officer working grinning with lightbulb above his head while working on retro computer

Demystifying Digital

Every industry has its acronyms, obvious once you know but irritatingly confusing otherwise. We want to make the process of launching your website – showcasing your products or services to the world – as straightforward as possible. To demystify the process we have put together Read more

What does your brand say about you?

Over time, consumers become desensitised to the same message. Your current branding strategy may be working, but you can’t assume this strategy will continue to work indefinitely. You should be considering what your brand is saying about you today, while evaluating your strategy for tomorrow. Read more

WordPress Security

Secure your WordPress website from attacks

We have listed five things you can do to help secure your WordPress Website from attacks, all of them you can do without any knowledge of coding and within your WordPress admin console. Keep your WordPress installation and plugins up to date Don’t use ‘admin’ Read more

Is your SEO strategy right?

In the past year, there have been some substantial changes in the way businesses are ranking in search engines. Most of these changes have been implemented through Google, one of the most commonly used search engines, but other search engines like Yahoo and Bing are Read more

Minimise Your Websites Bounce Rate

People toss the term bounce rate around, but what does it really mean? Your bounce rate indicates the percentage of people who land on a page and then leave without going anywhere else on the website. Try to visualise your home page as the entrance Read more

Two Key Social Media Tips

Social media is an invaluable, oftentimes untapped tool for reaching out to potential customers and followers who may wholeheartedly support your business. It’s a way to inspire brand loyalty, improve or build a reputation, and garner free, unlimited advertising in a smooth way that doesn’t Read more

Don’t forget your printed marketing

The world of technology and digital advertising has people thinking that printed marketing is old news and should be abandoned. Companies see all of these flashy online advertisements and immediately jump on the digital advertising bandwagon throwing print advertising to the wayside. But print advertising Read more

Use WordPress as your websites CMS

WordPress, it isn’t just for blogging anymore! Back when it was first founded in 2003 as a blogging platform the very idea that one day it would become the most popular CMS strategy for commercial websites was a mere pipe dream. However, since that time Read more

What is Google Penguin, and why it matters

Don’t get caught out by Google Penguin This is about Google Penguin and what you can do about it if you believe you’ve been affected. Google is a search engine whose primary objective is to provide quality search results. Consequently, over the years it updates Read more

Website owners can’t afford to ignore Google+

Social networks have transformed businesses in a way nobody could have predicted. They provide for wonderful marketing opportunities and allow a business to reach a larger number of people in a simple and inexpensive way. Google+ is no exception, and even though it has been Read more

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