Website Audits

Comprehensive, clear website audits

Your organisation is continuously refining its products and services to meet market conditions and it’s vital your website is accurately reflecting where you are now, not where you were.

If you’re concerned that your website isn’t generating the sales you need or isn’t attracting the users you would like to be engaging with then look no further.

Our website audits consist of tests used by major search engines to grade a website using a variety of factors, prompting us to find areas for improvement.

When asked to redevelop any website, we always audit the current site first, allowing us to focus on the areas that a new site would need in order to gain more exposure.

Our audits are extensive, covering such elements as the volume of content, broken links, error pages, freshness, open graph, printability, readability, search engine rank, social interest, speed, URL format, W3C compliance and much more.

Once an audit has been conducted, we gather the results and – crucially – explain what they mean in jargon-free terms, pointing out potential areas for improvement.

Our reports are specifically designed so that you can either take action yourself to enhance your website or employ an agency to do so for you.


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