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Our web design and development services

With almost half the world’s population having access to the internet, a website can be one of your most accessible marketing tools.

It is also something people increasingly expect, no matter the size or type of your organisation, and COVID 19 has only accelerated the trend of people and businesses going digital and interacting more online.

From a simple site consisting of a few static pages, to larger, more complex content-managed sites, a website must be appealing, engaging and easy to navigate. It must also convey your organisation’s message, while all the time feeding back measurable analytical data.

Your website should also work hard for you and our team can work with you to integrate it with your CRM system to automate newsletter management for example, or automate posts to your social media platforms.

Whether you’re in need of a website refresh or a whole new website our team of website designers and web developers is here to help. We begin by getting to know you and the market in which you operate before presenting you with a series of options and then collaborating closely with you to produce a website that can stand the test of time.

It is vital your website delivers a good user experience backed up by a good user interface. Understanding how people read and interpret text on websites is one of our specialities, we feed this knowledge into the design process, based on our clients’ requirements.

With more and more people going online it is vital that your website can cater for as many people’s different needs as possible. We place a strong emphasis on creating accessible websites drawing on the standards set out by W3C.


  • Mobile responsive websites
  • E-commerce website development
  • Event, charitable and corporate websites
  • Consultancy regarding user experience and user interface
  • API development work
  • WordPress and Woocommerce

Website data, analytics and reporting

Rubber Duckiee has recently been recognised and certified in Analytics by Google allowing us to dive deeper into how your website channels users and completes conversions to increase engagement. To decrypt the jargon we can now offer our clients a more in-depth analysis of how your visitors use your website or app and refine the experience with the aim to increase leads, sales or interaction.

Advanced Analytics allows us to integrate already standard practice marketing campaigns such as newsletters or marketing emails along with content within your website (Blogs, Articles, Product Sales) and apply a monetary value to each conversion that they generate. This monetary value clearly defines how successful a campaign or channel is and allows you to refine your content and campaign to meet your audiences needs and interests with the target to increase engagement or conversions.

Advanced Google Analytics also allows us as an agency to monitor the path a visitor takes through your site or app and identify any issues or dropout points leading to a failed conversion or sale – this in hand with the campaign / content tracking can help us recommend areas to refine to get you on the right path for offering the ultimate experience to your visitor whilst giving them the content they desire.

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