Graphic Design: Print and Digital

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is the visual element of your communications, whether that’s print design or digital.

Graphic design encapsulates a variety of elements including typography, colour and space. At Rubber Duckiee we draw on all these elements as well as our understanding of how people process information to ensure your communication is effective.

Our digital and print designers use these elements to deliver the visual and technical impact which we believe all good design must have – it must appeal to a broad spectrum of tastes, while also managing to be unique and engaging.

Designing for you

Collaboration is at the heart of how we work, by getting to know your team and your objectives we can better understand your brief and deliver success.

We understand timelines change and sometimes so do objectives, we pride ourselves on our flexible approach and ability to adapt so we are always in step with you.

Our designers are accustomed to working on a wide range of projects, from campaign literature and brochures, to websites and event stand materials.

The scale of our projects also varies; we work with Government organisations, large corporations and freelancers. While the range and scale of our projects may vary, our dedication to the work never wavers.


  • Publication design, including policy papers, newsletters and leaflets
  • Corporate materials, including annual reports, presentations and statements
  • Marketing collateral, including brochures, social media assets and business cards
  • Exhibitions, from roller banners to full scale static exhibition stands
  • Product packaging

Our team are experts in delivering any and all of the above in both print and a digital environment.

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