What is a brand? 

Our lives have become filled with different brands, the instantly recognisable, the strong, the weak, the historic, ones we like, ones we dislike – we all have our own views on which brands fall into which category. What’s less clear is what goes into creating these brands and what you need to do when creating your own. 

What is clear however, is that you need to care. A strong brand is invaluable; it unifies your team, it provides direction, it gives clarity to your customers, and can drive the growth of your organisation. 

You and your brand

Your brand should be recognisable, memorable and create a strong link between your stakeholders and your business. 

At Rubber Duckiee, we combine research into you, your market and your peers with our design knowledge to bring your brand — and your message — into focus. 

It’s an approach that applies whether we’re creating a new brand for a new company or creating a new brand for an existing company in order to better represent their current position and vision for the future. 

As companies grow, adapt, and pivot, their brand needs to grow, adapt, and pivot too. In some cases, we simply refresh a brand to make it stronger; for other organisations, we might create something entirely new. 

No matter what stage you are at, we help you discover who you are and how you want to be represented in the world, rather than just take the lead from your competitors.

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