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  • SWELTRAC_Annual_Report_2009-03

SWELTRAC Annual Report Layout

Our first SWELTRAC Annual Report layout and design, following the recent rebrand of SWELTRAC in the previous months, the client wanted to continue with the consistency and image that we had produced during our rebrand of SWELTRAC.

We had to design a 12 page A4 annual report, using a similar style as we had shown with the materials produced and mocked up during the recent rebrand, the client was keen to invest a lot of time getting this design right as it was going to all of the members, investors and stakeholders, we very much enjoyed this challenge and the final result was ‘exactly what the client wanted’.

The final Annual Report was delivered to the client in both an electronic version (pdf) and printed version, so that it could sent to stakeholders and interested parties by both post and email.

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