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Duzz Branding, Marketing & Design

We were commissioned to work on the Branding, Marketing & Design for Duzz Concrete Remover a product by International Petroleum Products.

The first stage we took when working on the Duzz brand was coming up with concepts for how the marketing would look and derive a brand and identity from this and its relation to the product. After working out the unique selling points of Duzz, focusing on ensuring that customer would immediately realise Duzz is a concrete remover not a cleaner.

We came up with a series of key messages for Duzz so that the marketing could focus on target audience and get the messages and reasons why consumers should buy Duzz instead of acid for removing concrete. This was the final design that was taken forward and has now become Duzz’s brand and identity.

The marketing campaign uses the typography to describe the usages of the product with a high impact and very bold way. When we see the word ‘Acid’ we see the affect the acid has on metal surfaces. The benefits of Duzz can be seen in words and pictures. The packaging demonstrates directly what the product does. It would have great stand out and could make excellent trade press, DM and online work. The artwork for the packaging of the 500ML Aerosol, 5Ltr & 20Ltr containers followed the marketing.

Find out more at the Duzz Website

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