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Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic forcing us all to adopt new ways of working, living and interacting there had already been rapid uptake in digital technology in areas which had previously been dominated by face to face, offline communication.

Since March 2020 this trend has accelerated with some sectors seeing much greater numbers participating through the use of digital technologies.

We have been privileged to be asked to support those of our clients seeking to adopt new ways of communicating with their stakeholders and excited to see all the ways digital means of communication are being deployed, particularly in areas where it allows for greater participation by those who may previously have been excluded.

This work has led us to develop our own platform – Consultation Nation. Consultation Nation is not designed to replace offline methods of communication, but to complement them. The platform is fully customisable and can be used to both present ideas, showcase new products and gain both qualitative and quantitative feedback.

So whether you need to consult your members on new proposals or you need to consult the public on your plans Consultation Nation is designed to meet your needs – check it out!

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