How to create an effective website homepage

Beautiful when done right but harder than it often looks, what should you feature on your homepage for maximum effect? And, just as importantly, what shouldn’t be on your website’s homepage? Your website’s homepage is your online front door, the first port of call for Read more

5-Star Review on Clutch!

Nothing is permanent, and websites sadly can also suffer from ageing. As the digital technology industry evolves, your website can become dated in a few years. Fortunately however, you can always update and revamp your website with new features and tools to help your business Read more

Website traffic – is more always better?

Website development: website bots A bot, an automated little creature, is a software application that has been developed and programmed to perform particular tasks. These tasks are often repetitive and so a bot, which acts according to its instructions without the need for breaks, saves Read more

On why we need to be more like Estonia!

One year on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic many of us who might previously have been reluctant to try out new digital technologies are now accomplished Zoomers, Teams masters and Slack supremos. Much of the technology that has kept us connected and working Read more

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